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TonyH wrote:
12-12-2011 14:41
OK so I got my new (2002) SEAT Leon Cupra MK1, after reading about the possibility of fitting a cruise control I searched eBay and had many hits, which at the time seemed a good way to go. However before I went down this road (excuse the pun), I researched what was involved with a DIY installation. The first thing that hit me was the number of components that had to be removed, followed by the reprogramming of the ECU. So back to the internet for more searching until I found enquires made and arrangements made for installation at my Home address. Paul arrived early in the morning as arranged and started to work. It was so cold I felt guilty so mugs of tea were given as a form of antifreeze. In no time at all the “new type cruise control stalk” was fitted and “plumbed” into the wiring system. A quick test drive confirmed that the new Cruise Control was working as it should with the added bonus of Free Quantum 5L Screen Wash. I would 100% recommend the company POOLL Professional Retrofits together the High quality of workmanship and friendly fitting service

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