DIY VW Transporter T5 GB and T5.1 7E. How to Find a BCM’s Part Number for Cruise Control Retrofit

There are 5 Types of Body Control Modules (BCM/J519), only 3 of them support Cruise Control. The installed Type can easily be determined by the Control Module Part Number. Higher equipped Types always include the Options from the lower equipped ones.

  • Basis+
    • Part Numbers: ***-937-084-***
  • Medium+
    • Part Numbers: ***-937-085-***
    • Supported Features: Central Locking, Anti-Theft-System, Outside Mirror Heating, Seat Heating
  • Medium++
    • Part Numbers: ***-937-086-***
    • Supported Features: Remote Control
  • High+
    • Part Numbers: ***-937-087-***
    • Supported Features: Cruise Control System (CCS), Anti-Theft-System LIN-Databus (for Alarm Horn)
  • TBD
    • Part Numbers: ***-937-088-***Cruise Control System (CCS)
    • Supported Features:
  • TBD
    • Part Numbers: ***-937-089-***Cruise Control System (CCS)


This is meant to be used by a trained and competent person. If this is not you, then I would recommend that you leave this to a professional. Please always remember to follow safety first, and if something looks dangerous, then don’t do it. I intend for this information to be used as reference only. While I believe that the information in this DIY is accurate, I will not be held responsible for any inaccurate information, or for any property damage, injury,dismemberment, or death.


Tools Required:
-T-20 torx

1.The BCM is located to the right above the accelerator pedal.


2. Remove all screws shown below using the T-20 torx.


3. Pull off the cover from mountings and remove it. Check the part number of your BCM and email us with it and We will do the rest. 🙂

IMG_1047 copy

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44 thoughts on “DIY VW Transporter T5 GB and T5.1 7E. How to Find a BCM’s Part Number for Cruise Control Retrofit”

  1. Hi,

    I have a VW T5 2010 with BCM model 7H0937086D and wondered whether it is possible to retrofit cruise control. Do I need to change the BCM?



  2. I have a VW T5 2013 with BCM model 7H0937086K and wondered whether it is possible to retrofit cruise control. Do I need to change the BCM? + the option of changing the MFD.
    Can you please give me some costs?

    • Hi, yes, your BCM would need to be replaced for 087 one. for Pricing Please email us directly

  3. Hi I have just fit a mfsw to my t5 and was wanting it connected up and have a mfd as well to see mpg and stuff but my bcm ends in 86B would the bcm need changing also

  4. My controller has the number 7h0937049ae and I would let me install a cruise. goes with the unit.

    • Hi, to me it looks like you have a T5 manufactured 2004-2009, in your model, the BCM would be fine if you have four pins in the empty slot marked “F”, if there is no pins, you will need new a BCM for cruise control.

  5. Hi my Bcm ends 87k. Am I right in thinking I can have cruise and mfsw fitted. Will it be possible to fit one of the gti mfsw with cruise on the wheel or do I need to have cruise on a separate stalk.
    Regards Mike.

    • good morning
      Yes the 087 BCM would be fine for cruise control. Cruise would not work from the new mk7/ T6 steering wheel, it has to be on the stalk.


  6. Hi I. Have fitted some MFSW switches to my T5 2012 and run the extra wiring as required I have a BCM no 7H0937087H can you tell me if I need to change my BCM please thanks Steve

  7. hi
    I have a BCM from a 2005 Caravelle that has cruise control, will it also support MFSW.The BCM Code is 7H0 937 049 Q.


    • Good morning

      Lee if you thinking about having Mk6 golf mfsw fitted to your T5, to our knowledge this can not be done. Mk6 wheel communicates with a BCM with LIN-Bus, old BCM would not have it.


  8. Hi,
    I have an 2008 T5 and I would like to install new BCM. I would like to install the mk7 Golf MFSW with cruise control in the steering wheel. Which BCM you would suggest to be installed and does it need something else also?



  9. Hi,
    Wonder if you could help. I have a 2005 California with cruise control @ Mfsw – factory fitted. My BCM was replaced in 2014 and now has 7H0937049AE – it is now faulty. Looking at parts 2005 models can take 049L, 049Q, 049AA or 049AE. Do all these support these features( cruise and Mfsw ) ?

    • Good afternoon

      Im sorry I can not advice on part numbers and compatibility. I would advice to contact your local VW and order the BCM based on the chassis number.


  10. Hi I have a 2014 T5.1 Highline with cruse control and mfsw and am looking to fit the flat bottom mk7 golf wheel with cruse buttons on wheel rather than on the stalk is this posible and would I need to change the slip ring regards Carl.

    • Good morning

      Mk7 wheel with a cruise control on it, would not work with T5 Im afraid…

  11. Hi,
    Please can you X give me a price for vw t5 bcm: 7h0 937049t
    Kind regards

  12. Hello,

    i have a BCM 7H0937086H.
    Is it possible to get cruise control?

  13. good morning, my bcm is 7h0937049aa, i can mount cruise control? what parts do i need? thank you.
    luca italy

  14. I have a 2013 Highline with a BCM number of 7h0937087k which has developed issues with flickering dash lights and the parking sensors beeping in time with the indicators when I turn left to name a few. If I need a new BCM will it be a straight swap if I get one with the same number or will it have to be coded to my van?


  15. Hi, I think mine is fine for MFD as well as cruise, can you confirm for me please, BCM T5GP,
    Cheers David

  16. Hi I have a 2010 T5.1 with a BCM T5GP, 7H0937087B. I would like to retro fit a cruise control with MFD, can you confirm this is the correct BCM for the job please,
    Cheers David

  17. Hi guys. T5 2005 with a BCM 7H0937049p that is playing up. Intermittent Hazards. Just purchased a cruise control stork. Now need replacement BCM. I understand part ending 87 and above will work. But will aT6 BCM part ending 90 fit.

  18. Hi I’ve an 11 plate combi air con Sat nav electric windows heated windows looking to get mfsw and cruise my bcm is 7h0937086f will this have to be changed cheers

  19. Hi, i wanna retrofit cruise control to my vw T5 2008 my BCM number is: 7H0 937 049 AD..

    • Hi, does it have electric windows? if yes and if they are factory fitted windows bcm will be fine for cruise

      • Hi, yes it does and it’s factorry fitted thank you very much 🙂

  20. Hi , I wanna retrofit a mfsw mk7 to my t5.1 2015 .
    My bcm 7h0937090d
    Thank you Sven

  21. Hi I have a T5.1 2013 if I fit bcm 7H0937090D will this illuminate my mk7 wheel and give me needle sweep?

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